What does ODN stand for?

ODN stands for Optimization Delivery Network. It is deployed like a CDN (Content Delivery Network).

What kind of results can I get?

Take a look at the case studies menu above for the latest case studies.

Can I run a "taste test" on fewer than 50% of pages in a section?

Yes. When you set up a test, you can choose what % of pages to run the test over. This means that for tests that could result in worse performance, you can "taste test" them on only a small number of pages to see the impact before rolling them out more widely. Smaller % tests obviously take longer to reach statistical significance, but can be useful where you are concerned about ranking drops.

What do the search engines think of split testing?

Split-testing with DistilledODN is a completely legitimate marketing activity. It causes no problems with search engines because:

  • Every visitor to any given page is served the exact same HTML - whether the visitor is a human or a search engine spider
  • All changes are made "server side" by our proxy technology and so are present in the HTML before any JavaScript is executed in the browser
  • Because DistilledODN is deployed behind a CDN, it's completely transparent to all human and robot visitors
  • Deploying DistilledODN if you don't already have a CDN in place looks exactly like deploying a CDN - just a change of DNS which search engines are used to seeing all the time

As with most SEO activity and any CMS platform, it is possible to make changes which search engines may consider manipulative. We encourage you to practice sustainable practices.

Will this work with my CMS?

Yes, please see our platform independence page for details about how and why DistilledODN can work with all platforms.

Can I use this on my eCommerce site?

Yes. DistilledODN is a PCI compliant platform, and will work with encrypted HTTPS sites. For more details we have a page about using the platform on secure and ecommerce sites.

What sort of impact will this have on my site speed?

Most pages won't be affected. Those pages that are affected will typically take and additional 30-50ms, which is imperceptible to users. Furthermore, using DistilledODN it is often possible to make optimizations that actually speed up a site. We have a page with more detail about speed and performance.

Where will this sit in my server layout?

You deploy an ODN in the same fashion you do as CDN, so you point your DNS records at our platform and it passes the traffic on to your servers. If you are already using a CDN then our platform sits between the CDN and your servers.

Will this work with my CDN?

Yes. The platform is designed to work with all CDNs. We have customers who use DistilledODN with Fastly, CloudFlare, Akamai, Verizon Edgecast, Amazon CloudFront & Incapsula.

Can I deploy the ODN just for one folder on my site?

The ODN is deployed at the sub-domain level and typically handles all traffic for the whole sub-domain. With some CDNs it is sometimes possible to deploy for individual sub-folders. Get in touch if you'd like to discuss the possibilities for your site.

What kind of changes can I make with an ODN?

By sitting as a proxy, DistilledODN can in principle make any change to the HTML or HTTP headers of any page on your site. It is designed to make rules-based changes to many pages at once across large site sections - particularly when these are to be deployed as split tests.

DistilledODN also allows you to define variables that pull information from one part of the page for inclusion in another - for example for adding structured mark-up into a page.

Get a demo

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Alternatively, if you have any other questions, feel free to drop us a line at contact@distilledodn.com or check out our FAQ page and deck.