Speed & Performance

Website performance has always been important, and in an increasingly mobile-first world that is more true than ever. Undue latency on a website can impact user satisfaction, conversion rates, and organic search engine performance.

Distilled's team have been consulting with companies big and small for over a decade on SEO performance, which has included site speed audits and recommendations. We understand the effort that goes into ensuring your site is performant.

The DistilledODN platform is designed to ensure maximum performance for your site. As a proxy layer we do introduce latency to some parts of the site, but often find we are able to offset this latency in other ways.

The time taken to process and adapt pages via the ODN layer is dependent upon the size of HTML files and the distance from our servers to yours. Our infrastructurehas a number of servers in the US, Europe and Asia to ensure minimal distance to your origin servers and users.

Our 'change engine' (called Flamingo) is highly optimized to analyse and adapt pages very quickly. Pages are typically processed and adapted in less than 5 milliseconds.

In our tests, users are generally unable to detect any impact on website performance from having DistilledODN turned on.

It is possible to run both load and performance tests to see how the DistilledODN platform would perform on your website before deploying.

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Alternatively, if you have any other questions, feel free to drop us a line at contact@distilledodn.com or check out our FAQ page and deck.